BLINDSIDE Curtain Call | 1000 2000s SOAP

7 – 17 DEC 2016

The annual project Curtain Call brings together works by artists who have previously exhibited at BLINDSIDE. For Curtain Call 2016 S.O.A.P will use the curatorial position to examine the role of the artist in relation to the gallery and the channels of exchange between artist and institution.

Using a ‘call and response’ method, S.O.A.P have contacted all artists who exhibited at BLINDSIDE in the years 2004 –2009, inviting them to participate in Curtain Call. As the first 5 years of operation for BLINDSIDE this period was selected by S.O.A.P out of a curiosity to consider the past–future and the legacy of the new millennium.

The potential for an excess of artists and the resulting scarcity of exhibition space is a focus and experiment of this curatorial process. Depending on the number of responses S.O.A.P will determine how the work is to be shown in the gallery space. S.O.A.P have received $1000 from BLINDSIDE for the exhibition and will divide this $1000 artist remuneration fee equally between all contributing artists.

The 'call and response' method addresses the challenges of working artists in Australia: the networks formed inside and outside the internet, the scarcity of cheap gallery space, and the sparse public and private funds to remunerate artists. 

The exhibition follows S.O.A.P’s continuing inquiry into the current state of existing art platforms and the desire to broaden the possibilities for the intersection of image and language across disciplines.